Proceed Medical Billing provides a comprehensive revenue-cycle-service to a variety of medical providers, that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual client. This medical billing solution not only ensures that all sources of revenue are captured- it also endeavors to proactively create new additional income streams.


Relieve your staff of work, including researching requirements, tracking changes, calling payers for authorizations, and other administrative billing tasks.


Proceed Medical Billing has over 25 years of coding experience. Our highly trained coders address billing issues before your claims go out the door and correct and resolve denials to recover payments. 


For many clients, a comprehensive review of their billing practices can save them precious time and money. PMB works with medical office managers to make sure their processes are optimized to get reimbursements quickly and without hassle.


After a thorough examination of a practice’s current credentialing and in-network participation, we supply full service credentialing on both ends: getting doctors “in-network” and removing doctors from “insurance networks” – depending on which method would maximize net receivables. Our credentialing services streamline and centralize provider data management, and offer the most accurate customizable form completion technology available.

Services Offered

Proceed Medical Billing offers a comprehensive revenue-cycle-service to a variety of medical providers.

We dedicate out time and resources to master your software and unique billing process in order to maximize your profits while freeing your time to dedicate yourself to your practice and patients.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to the following services:

1. Patient eligibility

2. Insurance validation
3. Charge capture
4. Medical coding
5. Claims managements(verifications / submissions / transmissions)
6. A/R follow ups
7. Remittance processing
8. Third-party follow ups
9. Patient collections
10. Payment postings
11. Denial management
12. Reporting and data analysis

13.Full line of Credentialing services


Why Hire Proceed Medical Billing

I. Increase in revenue
End-to-End revenue cycle management services
Submission of clean claims
Follow-up of claims within a timely filing

II. Dedicate more time to your practice
Help you focus exclusively on your practice and patients
Minimize your insurance denials

III. Easy record keeping and easy audits
Reduce your billing errors
Ensure efficiency and accountability

IV. Decreased cost

Guarantee to make medical billing process to be pocket-friendly